Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What is a Total Loss in Boat Insurance?

Lots of colleagues and clients are asking what is the total loss in boat insurance? What damage can claim 75 % of total loss ? How claims are paid? Market value or Insured value? Before I continue with this article you may need Average Boat Insurance Rates or How to choosing the right company for your boat insurance rates.

Total Loss 
ITC ( Institute Time Clauses - Hulls ) guarantee losses " Actual " total loss or " Constructive " total loss due to risks guaranteed in clause 6.

Actual Total Loss 
Actual Total Loss can claim if :
  1. the ship has been destroyed or damaged ( destroyed ) ; or 
  2. the insured can not have re- ship ( irretrievably deprived ) ; or 
  3. The ship has been declared "lost " 
For example total loss in boat insurance, the burning boat to be destroyed , crushed , drowned can not be taken again , or declared missing after not found more than 6 months since his last voyage.

Constructive Total Loss
Ships can be claimed " Constructive Total Loss " if :
  1. ( a) the insured can not have re- ship ( deprived ) and the estimated cost to get it back is greater than the value they will ship when it was saved .
  2. ( b ) The vessel is damaged such that the cost of repairs is greater than the price of insurance ( insured value)  
As set forth in section 60 MIA ( 1906) for example, vessel sink ( can be taken ) , aground , sinking , fire, collision , but the cost of repairs and the cost to get it back is greater than the price of insurance ( insured value)

What damage can claim 75 % of Total Loss in Boat Insurance?
Pay attention to clause 19  ~ CONSTRUCTIVE TOTAL LOSS

Total Loss in Boat Insurance19.1 ~ In ascertaining whether the vessel is a constructive total loss, the insured value shall be taken as the repaired value and nothing in respect of the damaged or break-up value of the vessel or wreck shall be taken into account.

19.2 ~ No claim for constructive total loss based upon the cost of recovery and/or repair of the vessel shall be recoverable hereunder unless such cost would exceed the insured value . In making this determination, only the cost relating to a single accident or sequence of damages arising from the same accident shall be taken into account.

So if the cost of repairs not exceed 100 % insured value , then it can not claim Constructive Total Loss. I hope the article What is a Total Loss in Boat Insurance could be useful. If do you need some tips to choosing boat insurance please read my articles ~ The Best Tips For Choosing Boat Insurance.

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