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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Applied Insurance Analytics

Applied Insurance Analytics they are driving a lot more benefit through your biggest property -- info! Currently, a lot of insurance providers sufficiently underutilize the info, leaving behind these people susceptible to classic and non-traditional opposition the same. Today, sketching with twenty five decades regarding market knowledge, Patricia Saporito shows how you can systematically influence analytics to further improve enterprise performance and customer satisfaction through virtually any insurance plan enterprise.
Applied Insurance Analytics

Applied Insurance Analytics illustrates how you can utilize analytics in order to systematically increase functions starting from underwriting and risk management in order to statements. More crucial: will help you a person push more benefit everywhere you go by means of denoting some sort of targeted enterprise-wide analytics strategy, and alleviating this issues which endure in your way.

Saporito assists you assess your overall analytics maturation, opt for the brand-new software that supply essentially the most benefit, and grasp guidelines by over the market and outside of. Through, she assists you attain more benefit by info belongings, technologies and tools you've previously committed to. There are brand-new case scientific studies, sensible tools, and easy web themes regarding increasing this "Analytics IQ" of the whole organization.

For every insurance plan market specialized and manager concerned with analytics, which includes users, IT positives, sales/marketing authorities, and info researchers. This kind of publication may also be beneficial in order to individuals in a MBA or different plan dedicated to insurance plan or risk management, also to a lot of individuals inside it or analytics-specific packages. Applied Insurance Analytics books detail Applied Insurance Analytics ...!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How You Can Save Money on Insurance-and Still Get the Coverage You Need

Before You Buy Another Insurance Policy Read this Book! Without proper insurance health, auto, homeowners, life, disability, or long-term care—an unexpected event can quickly derail your financial plans and put your life savings at risk. Insurance is an essential part of financial planning, but many people are paying hundreds – sometimes thousands -- of dollars more than they need to, and often, they buy the wrong kinds of coverage.

With your family's financial future at stake, you can't afford to make the wrong decisions when shopping for insurance.In The Insurance Maze: How You Can Save Money on Insurance and Still Get the Coverage You Need, industry expert and writer Kimberly Lankford breaks through the clutter and jargon of the industry and helps you make the most of your coverage and avoid expensive mistakes that can jeopardize your financial future.

Applied Insurance Analytics
Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance

Some of the topics addressed include:

insurance essentials

  • Mistakes people make when choosing employer-provided health plans –and how to find a better deal on your own
  • Strategies for making the most of health savings accounts
  • Why it’s dangerous to make small homeowners insurance claims
  • How to benefit from plummeting life insurance prices
  • Major pricing changes in auto insurance that could save you hundreds of dollars
  • Steps you can take to avoid problems at claim time
  • Why long-term care insurance is essential to protect your retirement savings, and how to minimize rising premiumsAs a journalist writing about insurance for more than a decade, Kim Lankford has been investigating the business from the inside and out – writing about sales strategies for insurance company executives and agents at the beginning of her career, then revealing those strategies to consumers as the chief insurance writer for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine and author of the "Ask Kim" column.

Lankford’s inside knowledge of the business has made her one of the best-known insurance writers in the country. Books detail...!
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Medical Insurance - An Integrated Claims Process Approach

Medical Insurance The fourth edition of Medical Insurance: An Integrated Claims Process Approach is designed for medical insurance courses. The textbook provides medical assisting, medical insurance, and health information technology students with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully perform insurance and billing related duties.

Medical Insurance - The chapters’ organization follows the medical billing process to enhance learning, moving from a comprehensive introductory chapter through processing RA/EOBs and handling patient collections. Every chapter has extensive illustrations, forms, and exercises to develop the required competencies as well as exercises to improve underlying essential math and communications skills.

This text also provides a fundamental understanding of diagnostic and procedural coding needed to submit claims in compliance with payers’ requirements. New for this edition is a text-specific workbook which provides both review and applications of each textbook chapter. 
Product detail...!
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Monday, September 21, 2009

A Guide to Insurance Agency Success

A Guide to Insurance Agency SuccessAre you working too many hours for too few clients? You must read A Guide to Insurance Agency Success. Does it seem that you do more paperwork than peoplework? Will you spend more hours on the road than in front of people this year?

Whether your agency is big or small, if you answered yes to any of those quesitons, you need more than an andrenaline boost! You need a shot of strategies to wake things up and put you on the path to success fast.

How to get appointments with 10 clients every day

How to find qualified clients and get them to come to you

How to get clients in and out of your office in 30 minutes-or less

A Guide to Insurance Agency Success ~ You'll also discover how to ramp up for success with something you already have, but probably overlook, why some clients don't make sense for your agency, and what you need for an effective sales pitch.

Get the help you need by putting Troy Korsgaden on your side. His strategies have made a difference for the thousands of agents who have attended his seminars across the country. They can make a difference fo you, too. Book detail A Guide to Insurance Agency Success ...!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance

Introduction to Risk Management and InsuranceIntroduction to Risk Management and Insurance, this book focuses on problem-solving from managerial, consumer, and societal perspectives. It emphasizes both the business managerial aspects of risk management and insurance and the numerous consumer applications of the concept of risk management and insurance transaction.

Specific chapter topics include insurance Regulation and contracts, basic property and liability insurance contracts, homeowners insurance, the personal auto policy, professional financial planning, life insurance policies, annuities, medical expense and disability insurance, standard life insurance contract provisions and options, commercial property insurance, general and special liability insurance, employee benefits, social security, and unemployment and workers' compensation insurance.

For use by individuals in insurance occupations, and by those preparing for the certified financial planner board. Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance books detail...!

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10 Steps to Success: A Commonsense Guide to Building a Successful Insurance Business

Building a Successful Insurance BusinessAdvanced praise for 10 Steps to Success — “…outstanding, insightful and very timely for the newer agent. It also serves as a reminder to the veteran agent as well. Your ideas are easily understood and should be accepted by those who read the book. This should help many!”
—David Carter, sales director, Midland East American Family Insurance Group

Learn how to be a successful insurance agent with the simple techniques in 10 Steps to Success. Author Daniel S. Fowler utilizes his thirty years of experience in the insurance business to illustrate how to work smarter rather than harder toward building a successful insurance agency. Fowler’s unique information applies to almost any business and will give you the tips you need to achieve your goals, including:

* Building relationships
* Marketing and business plans
* Listening to yourself and your clients
* The importance of good employees

With 10 Steps to Success, Fowler shows you how to provide not only the service people expect, but also the service people don’t expect. 10 Steps to Success: A Commonsense Guide to Building a Successful Insurance Business books detail....!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance

Product Description
This classic book presents a thorough and comprehensive introduction to the field of insurance while emphasizing the consumer. The new Tenth Edition first examines the concept of risk, the nature of the insurance device, and the principles of risk management. It then discusses the traditional fields of life and health insurance as solutions to the risks connected with the loss of income. And it deals with the risks associated with the ownership of property and legal liability.

From the Back Cover
Take no chances! Learn about risk and insurance from the premier text.

Why learn about risk and insurance? You might be thinking of a career in the diverse and rewarding fields of risk management and insurance. If you plan on managing a business, you’ll need to know how to protect your organization from risk. And as an individual, you’ll want to make informed decisions about protecting yourself and your family with life, medical, home, auto, and many other kinds of insurance.

Whether you want to prepare for our career or simply become a more knowledgeable consumer, Vaughan and Vaughan’s Tenth Edition of Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance gives you a comprehensive, consumer-oriented introduction to the many facets of risk management and insurance.

The Tenth Edition presents the principles of risk management, summarizes the nature of pure risk on the individual and on society, and illustrates how insurance can be used to deal with the problems posed by such risk. In addition to clear and engaging coverage of insurance principles and theory, you’ll walk away from this book with practical, how-to advice that will come in handy in both your professional and personal life. Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance books detail...!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

So You Want to Be an Insurance Agent

So You Want to Be an Insurance Agent
There is more to selling insurance than writing policies. When done right, you can build a successful business that affords you a lifestyle that most people only dream about. So You Want to Be an Insurance Agent is an essential guide for anyone who is considering opening an insurance agency or wants to grow an existing agency.

Highly recommended by Dr. Robert Hartwig, President of the Insurance Information Institute, and Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth books, this book provides a complete system to develop, manage and grow a successful insurance business. It contains everything you need including a personality assessment to determine if this business is right for you, licensing guidelines, a business plan, employee contracts, an employee handbook, business forms and more.

So You Want to Be an Insurance can't sum this book up any better than it's title. As a district office in Washington, we suggest "serious candiates" to read this book. This book gives them not only the outline of what's to come, but also a guideline to follow when becoming an agent. I would recommend that this book be in every District Office's library. So You Want to Be an Insurance Agent books detail...!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Principles of Risk Management and Insurance

Management and Insurance
Principles of Risk Management and Insurance focuses primarily on the consumers of insurance, and the text blends basic risk management and insurance principles with consumer considerations. Praised for its depth and breadth of coverage, the Tenth Edition provides even more flexibility in its organization by giving an overview of the insurance industry first, before discussing specific plans.

Basic Concepts in Risk Management and Insurance: Risk in Our Society; Insurance and Risk; Introduction to Risk Management; Advanced Topics in Risk Management;

The Private Insurance Industry: Types of Insurers and Marketing Systems; Insurance Company Operations; Financial Operations of Insurers; Government Regulation of Insurance;

Legal Principles in Risk and Insurance: Fundamental Legal Principles; Analysis of Insurance Contracts;

Life and Health Risks: Life Insurance; Life Insurance Contractual Provisions; Buying Life Insurance; Annuities and Individual Retirement Accounts; Individual Health Insurance Coverages;

Employee Benefits: Group Health Insurance; Employee Benefits: Retirement Plans; Social Insurance; Personal Property and Liability Risks: The Liability Risk; Homeowners Insurance, Section I; Homeowners Insurance, Section II; Auto Insurance; Auto Insurance and Society; Other Property and Liability Insurance Coverages; Commercial Property and Liability Risks: Commercial Property Insurance; Commercial Liability Insurance; Crime Insurance and Surety Bonds. For all readers interested in risk management and insurance. Principles of Risk Management and Insurance books detail...!
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Insurance for Dummies

Learnning Insurance For Dummies introduces readers to the basics — as well as the more complicated issues — of every kind of insurance. Packed with expert advice and step-by-step guidance, it shows you how to find the right amount of protection at the best possible price, for your life, health, car, home, and anything else you can think of.

You need learning insurance for dummies? Thinking about insurance makes many people cringe with fear; this handy guide makes insurance make sense. It demystifies complicated policies and points out all the traps and pitfalls you need to avoid when buying coverage. Whether you’re a homeowner or a small business owner or you just need a basic policy for your car, you’ll find all the advice you need on:
  • Managing your risk
  • Reducing your liability
  • Insuring a home business
  • Buying an umbrella policy
  • Dealing with insurers and filing claims
  • Assessing your life insurance needs
  • Decidin g between group and individual policies
Author Jack Hungelmann uses his twenty-five years of experience in the insurance industry to make buying insurance as simple as possible — even for those who’ve never bought a policy in their lives. Armed with the kind of straightforward, commonsense knowledge and advice you’ll find here, you’ll be able to handle any insurance question that comes up. Keep it on your reference shelf for quick-and-easy answers for all your insurance-related questions:
    insurance for dummies
  • Everything you should know about auto insurance
  • Choosing cost-effective deductibles
  • Picking the right property coverage for your home
  • Estimating the value of your assets
  • Insuring valuable portable items and collectibles
  • Special advice on insuring condos and townhouses
  • Getting the most coverage at the best price
  • Filing claims and getting back the most
  • Plus, online insurance resources

Knowing what kind of coverage you need for yourself and your possessions is a complicated process. With more competition than ever in the insurance business, finding a great deal on the coverage you need can be a challenge. Learning Insurance For Dummies is the fun and friendly guide that gives you with all the essential knowledge it takes to get the maximum coverage at the minimum price. Insurance for Dummies books detail...!

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