Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Definition of Life Insurance

Life insurance is intended to bear the insurance against unexpected financial losses caused by the death of his too fast or too long . Here illustrated that in life insurance , the risks faced are :

The risk of death Someone living too long This is , of course, will bring a lot of aspects , if the risks inherent in a person is not insured with insurance companies . For example guarantee for offspring , a father that died prematurely or with a sudden , the child will not be neglected in his life .

It could also happen to a person who has reached the age ketuaannya and not being able to earn a living or pay for their children , then buy life insurance , the risks that may be suffered in terms of lost opportunities to earn a living will be covered by insurance companies . It turns out here that do good life insurance agency with the primary objective is to assume or guarantee the person against financial losses .

life insuranceLife insurance is a legal contract between two parties , namely the insurance company and the policyholder . This ensures that the recipient receives financial support in the event of the insured 's death or accident . Long term insurance policy states that the policyholder agrees to pay a certain premium at regular intervals .

Life insurance depends on a number of factors , including age , income , expenses , loans , number of dependents , health , etc. It is mainly of four different types , universal life insurance , term life insurance , whole life insurance , life insurance and endowment .

Described in detail below is offering life insurance benefit . In general , the insurance system offers you a solution where you can guarantee your future financially and Life Insurance offers some kind of solution to the needs of your life in the future . This type of insurance is also available in various types and the choice depends on your needs.

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