Thursday, October 30, 2014

Farmers Insurance Protection

Farmers insurance - As risky business farmers also need to be protected from the chance of failure.
One alternative is to apply the farmer insurance. This is because the agriculture sector is a market that has not been explored by the insurance sector.

Agriculture is one business that is vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change, such as floods and droughts can cause crop failure. If not anticipated correctly, this could potentially weaken the motivation of farmers to develop farming, can even threaten food security.

farmers insurance protectionFarmers insurance program is an economic institution for the management of risk faced by farmers. Farmers insurance goal to stabilize farmers' income by reducing the level of losses suffered due to loss of crops. Although the implementation is quite difficult, does not mean there is no hope. Some countries have implemented and proven successful farmer insurance.

Insurance aims to stabilize farm income of farmers by reducing losses of crops, so as to stimulate farmers to adopt technologies that can improve the production and efficiency of resource use. Farmers Insurance is Like "Honey" Instead of "Poison".

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